Itchy Arms and hands – Causes, cures and Treatment

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Brachioradial Pruritis which is also known as BRP is a condition when the patient scratches his/her skin to bleed. It usually between the shoulder and elbow of either or both arms. The exact cause of the disease is however unknown. There is evidence that BRP may be caused due to damage in nervous system. Patients having cervical problems also suffer from BRP.


Patients can experience itchy sensation or a burning sensation on upper arm or fore arm or shoulder.

Symptoms are caused due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

No presence of rash found in patients.

Diagnosis: Can be diagnosed by doing a skin biopsy where a small part of skin is taken and seen under a microscope for any damage in skin.


As such there is no cure of this disease. However patients can apply ice to the area till the itch vanishes, can use some Tropical creams like Gabapentin, Fluocinonide and Purdoxin.

Keratosis Pilaris – is a genetic condition where there is appearance of rough bumps on the skin which appears on back, outer side of arms. It can also appear on thighs, hands and butts.

It occurs in usually 50-80% of teenagers and 40% of adults and is very common among the female population.

Symptoms: Rough bumps on skin on back, outer side of arms, highs, hands and butts.

The bumps become more pronounced in winter.


Avoid using soaps

Use moisturizing creams after bath.

Rub your skin with pumice stone while taking shower.

You can also benefit from removing hair by laser.

Pompholyx- is characterized by small blisters on hands and feet and is found mostly in US. This is not contagious but still some people avoid social contact with people suffering from Pompholyx.


Small blisters appear on tips of fingers, toes and palms.

The blisters are itchy can aggravate when in contact with soap or any irritating ingredients.


Taking proper diet and Vitamin supplements.

Put your hand in water where salt has been added for about 30 minutes.

Using Domeboro (OTC) can relief you from itching.

Use of emollients can solve your problem.

Hand Dermatatis – is also known as Hand eczema and it can be due to allergy, injury or it can also be a genetic problem. May affect back of your hands, your palm or both. The skin which is affected becomes red and dry.


Red and dry skin on the back side of your hands that can be dry and itchy with bumps.

Diagnosis: Patch skin test is done to find the sensitivity of irritants among patients.


Avoid contact with irritants.

Use vinyl gloves in your hands.

Use of oral antibiotic like Flucloxacillin can be effective.

Palmoplantar Keratoderma- it is due to thickening of skin of palm and sole and it is either hereditary or might not be hereditary.

Treatment: Can be treated by use of Topical Vitamin D ointment, moisturizing creams like salicylic acid.

Raynaud’s Disease and Raynaud’s Syndrome- Raynaud’s syndrome is a disorder which causes discoloration of the fingers, toes and it can lead to itchy.

Chilblains- are ulcers which are caused due to exposure to cold and humidity.


Inflammation of fingers, earlobes and toes.

Redness of skin and nose.


Avoid exposure to cold, keep yourself warm.

Diltiazem or Nifedipine can be taken for relief.



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