Itchy Eyes and Eyelids – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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Itchy Eyelids

Chalazion- it is a non-infectious inflammation of eyelids and is caused due to fat which is there in the meibomian gland. It causes redness of eyelid, swelling and pain. Chalazion doesn’t persist for more than 2 to 8 weeks. It leads to blurred vision.

Treatment of Chalazion is done by doing hot treatment of infected eyelids few times a day but if the problem aggravates a biopsy is required for further treatment.

Stye- is the red color swelling with pain on the eyelid and is contagious. It happens in kids due to wrong eating habits. Usually the symptom of Stye goes in a day or two but at times it might discharge pus in severe conditions.

Treatment can be done using home remedies such as use of warmed guava leaves and placing them on the infected area, use of clove along with water on the Stye will give you relief. In extreme case surgery is to be done for draining the stye.

Blepharitis- is due to chronic inflammation of eyelid which leads to redness of eyelids, eye, and reduction of vision, eye dryness, itching and irritation. Patients who wear contact lenses are prone to more discomfort as they are unable to wear them.

Treatment is done by using antibacterial ointments.

Seborrheic Keratosis- is a non-cancerous skin growth of corneal skin usually found in older people. Treatment if necessary is done by surgery.

Actinic Keratosis – it is a thick and scaly patch of skin which can be cancerous and is found mostly among people who have fairer skin. Prevention can be done by avoiding prolong stay under Sun and using of sunscreen. Treatment can be done by removal of the infected skin.

Eyelid Wart – is due to viral infection of eyelids which can cause itching. They can be either thread like or flat and needs surgical removal.

Allergies – use of hair color or hair dye, make up can lead to allergies of eye lids which can cause itching. Can be treated by using antihistamines.

Basal Cell, Squamous Cell, and Sebaceus Gland Carcinoma – appears on lower eye lid as a small nodule and treatment is done by surgery.

Itchy Eyes:


1.      Conjunctivitis: is acute inflammation of the outermost layer of eye due to allergy or infection which leads to redness of eyes. Symptoms are redness, irritation and watering of eyes. It is mostly caused due to viral or bacterial infection and is contagious. Most of the time no treatment is needed for conjunctivitis. Treatment if necessary can be done by use of  antihistamines.

2.      Allergies: allergies can lead to itching of eyes and allergies can be caused sue to pollen, cosmetics, make up and contact lenses. Treatment can be done by washing eyes with cold water frequently, histamines and eye drops.

3.      Dry eyes: is caused mostly due to decrease of tear production which leads to dryness of eyes, irritation, itching, and redness of eyes or pain. It can be diagnosed by doing tests to determine the quality and quantity of tears. Treatment can be done by stimulation of tears, retaining tears, cleaning of eyelids and eye inflammation.

4.      If the eyes are not washed in morning it can lead to itching and the presence of small particles or fly can lead to itching. You need to wash them with clean sterilized cotton balls.

5.      Flu, common cold and sinusitis can lead to itching of eyes as tears are increased.

Diagnosis of itchy eyes can be done be done by examining eyes properly.

Treatment and Prevention:

Don’t rub your eyes.

Use of anti-inflammatory drugs, antihistamines can treat eye itching.

Use sunglasses to prevent your eyes from getting infected by dust.

Artificial tears are used in case of dry eyes.



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