Itchy Throat – Symptoms, Causes, Cures and Treatment

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Itchy throat is defined as a situation when you have an irritated feeling in your throat which gives you an urge to cough.

Our throat is coated in mucus and when there is not much mucus present then our throat becomes itchy and irritable and that may be due to medicines, dry air or dehydration.

Causes of itchy throat could be due to various causes such as:

1. Dry throat is a condition which might be temporary and some of the common causes are – cold weather, dehydration, smoking, drinking too much of coffee and aerated drinks, throat infection and taking antidepressants.

Treatment of dry throat can be done by avoiding smoking, stop taking beverages which contains caffeine. Drink warm water mixed with lemon juice and honey as it has got some soothing properties, you can even gargle with warm water and salt and drinking herbal tea can bring relief to your itchy throat.

2. Speaking loudly or singing can cause itchy throat and it can be treated by gargling with warm water and salt or by drinking lemon juice with honey. Usually itchy throat due to speaking loudly will go away in few days.

3. Vomiting can lead to itching of throat and it can be treated by gargling with warm water mixed with salt.

4. Some people can have allergies to food items like fish, crabs, peanuts, cow’s milk which can lead to itchy throat and even swelling of face at times and environmental allergens like dust mites and pollens when inhaled can lead to itchy throat and running nose.

People suffering from Asthma can have itchy throat when they use inhalers.

Treatment can be done by avoiding substances which initiate allergies and taking antihistamines to cure allergies.

5. Viral infections like flu, common cold, mumps can cause itchy throats along with
Infection of respiratory tract. Treatment is done in the same way as done in a dry throat.

Bacteria can cause tonsils, Diphtheria and anthrax which stay for a long time cause itching of throat and can be treated by taking antibiotics.

Fungal infections due to diabetes, cancer or AIDS can lead to itchy throat and it can be treated by gargling with anti- fungal rinse or medicines.
6. Some people are in a habit of constantly coughing without any known reason and it can be treated by changing your habit and gargling with warm water and salt.

7. Inhaling gases such as sulphur di oxide, fumes of metals or smoke and eating hot
And spicy food items can cause your throat to itch. However it can be treated by avoiding intake of such substance and gargling with hot water and salt and following the treatment as you do in dry throat.



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