Itchy Toes and Feet – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

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There are many things which could lead to itching of feet and toes like socks which we wear, our shoes etc.

Causes for itchy feet and toes

Athlete’s feet: as the name says it mostly happens in athletes but can happen to anyone and is a contagious condition. It is a fungal infection and spread to whole feet .Symptoms include scaly rash in the feet along with itchiness.

Treatment of Athlete’s feet can be done by washing feet with a good antibacterial soap and apply an anti fungal powder. Always try to keep your feet dry, wear cotton socks and change them daily. If the problem persists then it’s advisable to consult a doctor.

Dry skin: dryness of skin in feet can lead to infection and itching and the condition can become complicated if the person has diabetes.

Treatment of dry skin is done by applying a good moisturizer regularly and wearing a proper cotton socks. Use a pumice stone to rub dry skin of your feet to make it smooth.

Dermatitis: dermatitis is caused when your feet comes in contact with some allergic substance.

Treatment of dermatitis can be done by rubbing ice over the affected area or topical steroids.

Eczema: eczema can make your skin dry or it becomes red, can have lesions on the feet which might lead to ulcers.

Eczema can be treated by using topical steroid ointments.

Chilblain: chilblain is the red or blue itchy swellings on toes, fingers or face during winter and are hereditary in nature.

Treatment of chilblain can be done by taking care by keeping yourself warm during winter. Wear a woolen socks during winter.

Bacteria: if you don’t treat your fungal infection of your such as athlete’s feet then it can lead to a severe bacterial infection. If you have a continuous itchy skin then it might lead to cracks on the skin and that can lead to entry to bacteria. A bacterial infection will lead to breaking of tissues between the toes.

Treatment is done by using a good anti fungal medicine along with an oral antibiotic which will be helpful to keep bacteria aside.

Cutaneus Larva Migrans: Cutaneus larva Migrans are the parasitic immature intestinal worms which are found in the feces of cats and dogs and if you walk without wearing proper shoes on wet soil then they can cause itchy toes.Cutaneus larva Migrans are occur usually in tropical and sub tropical areas.

Treatment of itching due to cutaneus larva migrans can be done by using anti-parasitic ointments regularly till 2 weeks.

Tungiasis: it is the painful rash on the center of foot caused due to a sand flea which thrives on moist soil. Found mostly in India and if you walk without shoes.

Treatment is done by applying anti parasitic ointment on the infected area.




  1. Allen Dawson says:

    Thank you for sharing this helpful information on such infections. We can also use anti fungal products for curing such infections. We can also use many anti fungal oils for skin care

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