Jefferson Radiology Installs Automated Breast Scanner Device

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In an announcement made by Jefferson Radiology, it has installed Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) system to help screening dense breast tissue for cancer. The scanner device will help patients to have close examination of dense breast tissue, said senior marketing director of Jafferson, Paula Nevins.

The machine was developed by U-Systems of Sunnyvale, Calif and will be quite helpful to Jefferson radiologists in close examination of breast tissue. The function of the ultrasound device uses the traditional x rays mode of working and uses sound waves to scan breast tissue for cancer.

Jefferson radiology has significantly expanded their breast imaging ability with this new addition of automated breast ultrasound. Jinnah A. Phillips, MD, Director of Breast Imaging at Jefferson Radiology said Jefferson Radiology is very excited with this addition of ultrasound device to use in conjugation with mammography for women affected with dense breast tissue.

The ABUS was developed as the base technological work of U System’s innovative Somo Insight Clinical Study. This is the largest clinical study ever conducted by any ultrasound company. The ABUS adopts state of the art technology and renders outstanding image output, reforming clinical workflow and giving extraordinary clinical aplomb.

Ron Ho, president and CEO, U-Systems jubilant with this scientific installation said that his company feels proud to be partner with Jefferson with which they implemented a solution to satiate the breast ultrasound imaging needs. Adding further he said, “The demand of breast imaging service has correspondingly increased as awareness of the device came to know,”



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