Jobs Scare, Number of Uninsured Persons Higher Than Ever

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The recessional economy, plummeting employment rate, and lack of funds in almost every wallet in the U.S, seems to have a more far-reaching effect than what meets the eye. A New State Report – as published by the Spokesman – review claims that over 1 million people now have no health insurance, and that’s in Washington D.C alone.

According to a feature on CNN Money, a whopping 49.9 million lacked health insurance in the year 2010. Much of this ‘grim state’ can be attributed to low employer-coverage of insurance (or the lack of it entirely), sustained unemployment, rampant losses of jobs, continuous cutbacks on employee benefits, etc.

Fewer Americans receive any sort of health care coverage or health insurance coverage through their employers. The government funded programs have seen an increased burden what with the military health care, Children’s Health Care Program, and Medicaid swinging into action, full-steam ahead. Almost 31% of Americans took to the government for their health insurance coverage – a whopping increase from 24.2% in the year 1999.

A National Journal feature  states a detailed breakdown of the Unemployed and Underemployed in America are delaying their health care. Over 63% of them delay dental care, 56% push their health insurance premiums away, 46% don’t show up treatments or tests, and 40% don’t fill their prescriptions.

However, the Obama Administration’s new health reform seems to be promising.

Sandra Block – a personal finance columnist on USA Today – suggests that maintaining a COBRA (The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985)  — which helps continued insurance for Americans who lose jobs, find themselves unemployed, or file bankruptcy – for as long as possible is a good idea.  Young persons, according to her and allowable under the new facilities deployed by the Obama Administration’s new health reform — can get on to their parents’ plans.  This, by itself, saw the percentage of insured young adults to 72.8% in 2010 – an increase from 70% in 2009.

As the job market looks bleak, employees cannot depend on their employers for health insurance coverage. Much depends on peoples’ hands for their health coverage, or so it seems.





  1. There should really be something in here about state level COBRA insurance options for folks who work at companies with between 2-19 employees.

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