Jock Itch – causes, symptoms and treatment

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Jock Itch is a type of fungal infection which mostly occurs in males in groin area and can even spread to the thigh region if severe. It is a very uncomfortable situation due to itch and can also occur among female population which is rare. Jock itch is associated with athletes and is a contagious disease and can occur due to sexual intercourse or sharing clothes with those who are already affected. Since, the groin area is dark, moist and warm which is ideal for the growth of fungus and there is itching. Wearing tight fitting clothes and obesity are some of the other causes of Jock Itch.

Due to jock itch the skin which is affected becomes red, itchy, might develop crack or the affected skin part might peel.

The rash due to Jock itch usually goes away in few weeks but if jock Itch gets chronic then you need to seek immediate medical attention. Jock itch can be diagnosed by doing physical examination or skin biopsy can also be done by the physician.

Causes of Jock Itch:

1. Jock itch is caused mostly to athletes as they wear tight fitting clothes and it can be prevented by applying some lubricants in the infected area.
2. Fungal infections such as athletes foot can cause rash and itching in groin.
3. At times bacteria can also cause itch groin.
4. People suffering from diabetes, those who have poor immune system and others who take antibiotics can develop jock itch.

Treatment of Jock Itch:

1. Oral medicines such as fluconazole or terbinafine can be prescribed by your physician as they are anti fungal. Your physician might also prescribe you an antibiotic to combat any further infection due to fungus.

2. Some topical treatments can also do wonders to you when taken along with the oral ones. Clotrimazole, terbinafine, oxiconazole and econazole are the effective ones.

3. While going through various resources I found that as jock itch is a fungal infection so eating garlic can be a home remedy to treat jock itch as it has anti fungal properties. Tea tree oil has also got anti fungal properties and hence can be applied on the infected area.

4. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and avoid such foods which has refined carbohydrates, sugar and yeast. Decrease the consumption of alcohol also.

Some preventive measures are:

1. Maintain proper hygiene by taking bath regularly.
2. Keep your groin area dry and change your clothes daily.
3. Do not share your towels or your clothes with anyone as you can get infected.



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