Joggers Live Longer Lives

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Jogging daily can augment nearly 6 years to your life, a recent research conducted by Danish researchers said. The conclusions of the study permit the researches to definitively answer the query, if jogging is beneficial for health or not. A main cardiologist Peter Schnohr from the city Heart research said during a news release that one can say with surety that routine jogging augments the longevity. The positive news is that one need not factually do much to reap the merits.

How was the study held?

In carrying the study, the investigators evaluated the death rate of the joggers and the non-joggers who participated in the populace of 20,000 individuals who aged from 20-93 years which initiated in the year 1076. While making comparisons, they also asked 1116 men joggers and around 762 women joggers concerning their daily jogging, encompassing how speedily and how long they engaged themselves in jogging every week.

With the volunteers having such an extensive age span, the researchers felt that a subjective rate of intensity was the only precise approach. In the research, the researchers discovered that 10158 non joggers and around 122 joggers died. The investigators discovered that male joggers could extend their life by nearly 6.2 years and females by 5.6 years. Jogging slowly for 1-2 hours per week provided the maximum prominent advantages.

Advantages of jogging on daily basis:

The investigators further say that jogging even aids in decreasing blood pressure, decreasing platelet aggregation and averting obesity. The research was slated for presentation which will be held this Thursday at conference of the EuroPRevent2012, which will be conducted in Dublin. Conclusions and data which will be displayed at this meeting must be considered initially unless they are printed in any periodical.



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