Key Role of Exercise in Managing Weight

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Despite of the current reports of media, which suggested that exercises might not be useful in weight management, obese and overweight individuals should never be discouraged from adopting it, as per a study published in the periodical of Medical Journal of Australia. Professor Daniel Green admitted that the treatments like bariatric which is a weight loss surgery was being encouraged some years back, but the fact is that the exercises were still considered  to be the valuable part of a human health. They are useful for the individuals who are overweight and obese.

This surgery has an imperative proof based role in the treatment of extreme obesity. But the lack of attention, especially the exercises, significantly condemns a huge 20 percentage of the Australians who are already overweight to disease progression and finally the surgery. This was reported by Professor Green. There is no doubt that the exercises are very important and they are good for everyone, even if you lose weight or not. It helps in the increased movement of the muscles and enhances the artery mechanism while decreasing the threat of heart attack, diabetes and strokes.

Current studies show that the overweight and obese individuals, who tend to develop a certain level of fitness, have proved to show a lower cardiovascular disease and death threat. This is high in those who are lean and are unfit. Exercises are very good for preventing various diseases like heart attacks, diabetes in overweight and obese people, as they at an elevated risk of developing these diseases. Professor Green says that experts suggest comprehensive weight management programs must be provided to these overweight and obese people who are likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes. They should adopt the non surgical operations first than the surgical procedures.



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