Kidney Disease—A Lethal Condition

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It is one of the main reasons of death for the cats, however there is no treatment and there is no reason for this kidney disease. One in 12 elder cats has chronic kidney disease, as per the hospital that released report of 2012 state of Pet Health.

One of the largest veterinary practices, Benfield in the world with approximately 800 hospitals in nearly 43 US States, based its final report on the medical data from around 2 million dogs and around 430,000 cats observed by the veterinarians. The acute kidney disease, which is resulted by eating grapes, antifreeze, lilies or any other poisons, could be treated if cured promptly. If you get hold of this, you can treat this.

Early detection prolongs the life:

However chronic kidney disease is very common, irreversible and progressive. The treatment is targeted at easing the pain and at the same time it prolongs the quality of life. The cats detected in their early phases of chronic kidneys diseases are able to survive only 2-3 years whereas those who are detected in later phases live just for few months. The researcher could just ease the pain of his pet cat, whom he had saved as a kitten following she was shot with BB gun. The cat’s vet for 5 years evaluated her for any possible kidney disease as she lost around 1.3 kgs amid the exams.

It shocked the researcher as he didn’t consider that the cat was 3 pounds lighter. She even then looked very fluffy as she did before. The kidney transplants could ease the pain and aid the cat in living longer however they are very uncommon and costs around R62000 and R141000.



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