Knee Pain: Causes and Treatment

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The knees are the most complicated and largest joint of the body and are easily the most injured part. Knees are used in every motion from running, walking, sitting, standing etc. Knee is a joint which bears the body weight and rotates, twists, bends and straightens to allow different movements. All these different movements increase the risk of knee injuries.

Causes for knee pain

The injuries are either caused due to overuse or due to torn muscles. The acute knee injuries which include tearing or cartilage or ligament occur due to falling or twisting of knee. Different sports such as baseball, tennis, volleyball etc. which involve jumping, sudden starts, stops, turns and runs can cause knee injuries. Also there are many contact sports like hockey, wrestling and football which can result in torn ligaments and knee injuries.

The overuse knee injuries which include bursitis, tendonitis or muscle strain can develop over several days. The pain is mild in the beginning and increases with the passage of time. When the tendons and muscles are stressed even little beyond their limit, microscopic tears can occur. These injuries should be treated before subjecting the knees to same activity to avoid the overuse injuries.

These should be treated early as not attending to them can cause chronic problems. Also, every person should do aerobics like jumping, jogging or running daily to avoid any knee injuries. When knees haven’t been used for some time, then even walking up the stairs could cause problems.

Knee pain Treatment and cure

Prevention should be exercised before thinking of treatment. Knee pain can be prevented by keeping the knee muscles flexible and strong. This can be done by practicing aerobic exercises, water aerobics or even yoga. One should start slowly, warm up and cool down before and after every workout session and do stretching exercises also.

Exercise time and impact should be increased gradually. Also, heavy exercises should only be done on alternate days.

There are many situations in which people require advanced treatments and even surgeries (in case of knee osteoarthritis). Several treatments also include topical creams or any other medications and restraining from any other activity which can increase the pain.



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