Knee Tendon Injuries: How To Prevent Them

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Suffering from a knee injury is one of the most excruciating things that may happen. This is because the knees provide support to our entire body and makes sure that the body weight is distributed evenly to both legs. The knees, apart from its weight bearing capacity also play a vital role in our body movements. With the help of the powerful joint located in the patellar region, we are able to move efficiently and properly.

The most common among the knee tendon injuries that may occur in a person is knee tendinitis. Like other knee tendon injuries, knee tendinitis comes as a result of excessive stretch of the knee tendons. That fact along makes this condition prone among people who are old, those involved in sports, or those who exert heavy efforts on their knees at work or in their daily lives. But then knee tendonitis can be prevented by means of several tips.

Here are some precautions so that knee tendon injuries won’t happen to you:

Proper Warm Up Exercises. Warming up is a basic technique in all forms of exercise. Doing warm up exercises like jogging, jumping jacks, and the like will condition your heart, lungs, muscles and joints for the activities you are about to perform. Do 5-10 minute warm ups before any exercise or game.

Stretch Your Body. By stretching exercises, your tendons and muscles become more elastic and flexible. Stretching should be done before and after performing any routine or exercise. Stretches should not be shorter than twenty seconds for each group of muscle. Studies have found out that people who engage in stretching exercises regularly have the least risk for developing knee tendon injuries in later life.

Use The Correct Shoes. In some cases, the cause of knee tendon injuries is not due to the force of knee movement or failure to warm up and do stretching; rather, it is caused by improper cushioning of the feet due to faulty footwear. A good type of footwear will cushion your legs well, provide stability to your knees and support your motion.

Perform Work Outs. Work outs are important in providing strength to the knees and surrounding muscles. If you are not sure about the specific routines, you may ask the gym instructor or search the internet for effective routines in developing your leg muscles.

Make Use of Knee Straps. Knee straps provide additional support to the knees during strenuous movements. However, the use of knee straps should be occasional since the knee muscles might fully rely on those straps during movements. These are some of the most effective preventive techniques for knee tendon injuries and make sure you keep them in mind. Whether you are a sports-buff or just a normal type of person who does usual activities of daily living—these knee tendon injuries prevention is advisable for you to observe.



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