Knowing the Remedies of Vertigo

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Are you tired of this feeling that your world is swirling even though you are stationary? Would you want to end this sensation as if you are riding a rollercoaster every time you move? You are probably suffering from vertigo. But don’t worry—the good news is that it has remedies!

Vertigo is a feeling of spinning movement and sometimes accompanied by nausea and vomiting. It is a disease, which occurs due to the patient having problems in the posterior semicircular canals of the inner ear which is medically known as the vestibular labyrinth area of the ear. It is caused by disturbances within the equilibratory system – ears, inner ear canals, the cranial nerves servicing the ears, the associated brain parts, and the eyes. The system is disturbed due to mild stress on the cranial nerves, middle ear infections, shingles, and inflammation of the ear canals, obstruction in an ear tube, a tumor, or a nerve.

A person suffering from vertigo will endure an abnormal feeling that their surrounding environment is continuously spinning, whirling or moving. Hence, the person suffering from vertigo may los3 balance or feel a sensation of nausea, the feeling of urge to vomit.

Since vertigo is indeed a weakening disease; it can cause people not to be able to perform their activities of daily living, causing an even great deal of stress to them because of the feeling of helplessness and dependence. However, the good news is that, today there are different kinds of remedies to vertigo and some of which can be even found at your home. Here are some tips for you to get rid of vertigo:

-          Diet. Avoid salt, fried foods, caffeine, chocolates, nicotine, drugs, and alcohol. These things can trigger the episodes of vertigo.

-          Use Herbs. Ginger and ginkgo biloba are some helpful herbs that can relieve you from symptoms of vertigo. It is advisable to take it daily.

-          Tilt your head. Tilting your head is a simple, natural way of relieving your vertigo. A minute-long series of head and neck movements, can effectively ease dizziness by moving displaced calcium carbonate crystals (which can cause vertigo) to a part of your ear where they can be absorbed.

-          Lifestyle. Stay still during vertigo attacks and avoid rapid body movements, especially of the head. Be sure to reduce stress, and get adequate sleep.

-          Nutritional Supplements.  Recommended nutrients include Vitamin B complex, vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B6, vitamin C plus bioflavonoids and rutin, vitamin E, calcium, choline, and adrenal glandulars.

-          Stay Hydrated. It is important to drink at least eight glasses of water. For a more effective vertigo remedy, soak a tablespoon of coriander seeds in a glass of water and leave overnight. The next morning, strain water and drink.

These are just some healthy tips to relieve oneself from vertigo; however, it is still much more important if you consult your health care provider for a more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.





  1. hallow its nice article, stressless and sleep advice is perfect.

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