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If you desire living long, then keep optimistic and keep laughing, says the investigator who has discovered that the centenarians are frequently open who embrace the world from a positive and carefree perspective. The results of the research stem from the longevity Genes Project, which was introduced by the Albert Einstein College located in the New York City. All the volunteers in the recent research were above the age of 95 years and all were from Eastern Europe. We actually were not certain what made them reach their advanced age. Was it because of their personality or something else which was there in their genetics? Our conclusion is that these centenarians share such optimistic personality traits and we recommend that they might be linked with longevity.

Never too late to alter:

Barzilai observed anyhow that the major message of the research is that these centenarians have a good personality presently and that was not the case always. Like opening the door at the assumption that it will never be late to adopt a yes I can do attitude. The researcher along with his colleagues debated their results in an online edition periodical Aging. The team points that the nation U.S. is presently like a home to nearly 53000 centenarians representing around 0.2%of the populace. However, how precisely the genetics figure into the longevity will continue being something of a mystery, like the genetic predisposition.

To focus the question, the researchers initially produced a 98 point questionnaire which was formulated to ascertain for proof of main personality traits. The result was that most of the near centenarians were discovered to be friendly, relaxed and upbeat about life. Also the authors said that a simple laugh and an active communal life were analyzed to be a normal group norm.



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