Laughter as the Best Cure: Watch a Comedy for a “Light Heart” Instead of Horror Movies and War Crimes Documentaries

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Scientists discovered that watching a movie that can make you laugh may also trigger benefits for human vascular functions. An opposite effect is produced by watching a horror movie which causes mental stress. During a study, volunteers watched different scenes from the comedy “There’s Something About Mary” on day one of the research and on day two, the first scenes from war film “Saving Private Ryan”, according to
Scientists realized that during the second movie the volunteers registered an unhealthy cardiac rhythm and a thinning of their blood vessels which reduces the blood flux within one’s organism.
This discovery attests the idea of a connection between stress and thinning of blood vessels.

After watching the comedy movie, the blood vessels came back to their normal state and dimensions.
Finally, major differences between the dimensions of the blood vessels during the comedy movie and war movies were noticed after 300 different measurements effectuated by scientists.

The conclusion of American scientists is that laughter can help our health as much as aerobic exercises do.



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