Learn how to immediately treat skin burns.

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House keeping and cooking are not easy jobs. They imply a lot of physical energy and some risks too. Skin burnings are number one on the list of most painful and dangerous house accidents. They can be caused by hot water, steam, electricity, or chemical compounds used for cleaning surfaces.

Depending on the substance that causes the burn and on the time the skin remains in contact with the aggressive agent, skin burns can be minor, limited to the superficial skin layers or more complicated involving painful blisters or even nerve destructions.

The way we treat a skin burn is quite important as the first aid measures we apply influence greatly the following healing process of the wound.

1. Keep the burned area under cold water for 10 to 15 minutes. Cold water acts like a barrier against the extension of the burning. Plus, it diminishes the pain and the sensation of heat.

2. Do NOT apply butter or cooking oil over the wound. This will only cover up the area and maintain the sensation of heat, plus it will contribute to germ development inside the wound.

3. Apply a special calming lotion for burns before bandaging the affected area. You can find this type of lotion in any drug store. Buy it and keep it in your first aid kit from home.

4. You should apply a bandage over the burned area if the wound looks opened, but only a sterile bandage so that no germs get in contact with the burn. Do not apply the bandage very tight so that you let the skin relax a little bit underneath the bandage.

5. Some burnings are accompanied by blisters. Resist the temptation of breaking them and wait for them to dry up and heal in their own time. In case they accidentally break you must wash that area with soap and water and then apply an antibiotic cream over it. Cover up with a clean bandage.

6. In case you have a deep burn, and your clothes are practically glued to the wound, do not try to remove them on your own. Go to the emergency room and ask for specialized help.

It is important to follow the proper procedures when dealing with skin burns.



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