Learn how to protect yourself and your family against flu

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We all know that flu is not just a simple cold that affects us during the winter. Flu is a condition caused by the influenza virus (type A, B or C), is quite easy transmittable from one person to another and unfortunately it does not have a miraculous treatment to make it disappear fast.

It is good to know that the influenza virus is not very long lasting in the nature, especially if exposed to the sunlight, and it can be easily removed from our homes if we ventilate the rooms every day. The virus can survive outside the human body in dark, unventilated places and at low temperatures.

You might wonder how come the virus is so contagious, how it can pass from one person to another. Here is the explanation: when an infected person sneezes or coughs or even breaths close enough to another healthy person then the virus will be transported through minuscule saliva particles towards the other person and then inhaled by it.

A lot of people believe that the cold weather is responsible for us getting the flu. This is only partially true. Actually, the cold weather outside makes us spend more time inside, in crowdie places and in warm rooms that dry our nasal membrane making it susceptible to virus attacks. Think of how much time we spend in crowded public vehicles during the winter and then you will be able to imagine how easy it would be for the virus to transmit from one person to another.

Many of us mistake a simple cold’s symptoms with the flu. Here is how a cold looks like and how flu looks like:


Abundant nasal secretions;

Nasal obstruction;



The body temperature is normal or goes only up to 38C degrees.

Minor headaches or muscle aches.

The symptoms will diminish in 4 to 5 days.


- Manifestations are much worse than in a simple cold.

- The onset is sudden: in the morning everything is fine but in the evening you can’t even get out of the bed.

- The body temperature is over 38C degrees, associated with chills, nocturnal sweating, even nausea and vomiting.

- Your whole body aches, and you feel extremely tired;

- Cough and nasal secretions are also present.

- Symptoms tend to disappear only after two weeks.

How to treat flu?

As this affection is caused by a virus, antibiotic drugs will not be of help here. Try to drink enough liquids so that you maintain your body hydrated, take ibuprofen to lower the high body temperature when needed, eat fruits that contain vitamin C, and try to get some sleep, as during the sleeping time the body heals better and faster.

In case you notice that your symptoms get worse call your doctor and ask him to pay you a visit. The doctor might prescribe you some antibiotic drugs in case a bacterial over infection has installed.



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