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There are fears that, involuntary exposure to the chemicals present in consumer products and food might cause cancer, but these are not supported by any evidence, and concern about their risk is diverting focus from established methods of cancer avoidance.  This was reported by a leading Australian researcher who is researching on cancer. Professor Benard Stewart writes in the well renowned medical periodical The Lancet Oncology. He is from University of New South Wales. Also the Cancer Regulation Program says a premium analysis of proof displays that lifestyle factors are the most prominent proven reasons of cancer. Measures that are known to avoid cancer include reducing alcohol intake, smoke cessation, avoiding deliberate sun exposure and curbing obesity.

Diverting focus from these messages risks to undermine their efficiency to deliver proven merits, says Professor Stewart who methodically reviewed medical literature on recognized and suspected cancer danger. Cancer is debatably the most threatening disease in the Western world and the media focuses on any interference of causation, he said. Most of the individuals know the multiple reasons of possible cancer causes. While there is enough evidence that the air pollution significantly contributes to cancer threat, the threat is at least ten times less than it is in the case of smoking, admits Professor Stewart.

Though this exposure to little amount of cancer causing chemicals takes place due to the food contamination as well as by making use of consumer products, these consequences have never been viewed to result in cancer in developed nations. He says that main attention will remain on proved cancer condensed strategies. There might be a case in communal health policy for the message that cancer is not only the individual’s mistake. But this view can fetch along with it the weight of needless worry and reduce the inclination to adopt measures which are proved to condense the threat of malignant disease.



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