Life Events Activate Eating Disorders

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Lack of backup after the traumatic life events like relationship issues, the loss of any beloved, abuse can activate the eating disorders, a recent research discovers. Individuals with eating disorder submit that even switching jobs or schools can activate further the eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia, as per the researchers of Minnesota University.

How was the research held?

The research included around 26 females and 1 man who fell in the age bracket of 17-64, who has experienced from eating disorders for a mean of around 20 years and had been receiving treatment from an expert outpatient medical clinic.

9 of the patients had anorexia, 3 of them suffered from bulimia, 1 had both the diseases and other 14 suffered from eating disorders who didn’t comply with the detection regulation for any one particular condition. The investigators discovered 6 major factors which activated eating disorders in these patients. These factors included:

  • Transition of school like initiating junior high school or college – one participant said that when she did not get any support from any one she stopped eating.
  • Changes in any kind of relationship like splitting up with your lover or parents getting separated – one woman wrote about her father’s girlfriend and her feelings. She said that she stopped eating when she did not receive any support.
  • Death of a close friend or a family member – one girl wrote that she started eating lot so that she could compensate for her feelings of worry.
  • Incest or physical abuse – the women said that she thought to gain weight to avoid further physical abuse
  • Changing jobs or homes
  • Hospitalization or illness

This research can be found in the periodical of Clinical Nursing.



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