Lifestyle doesn't influence genetic risks in breast cancer

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In spite of prior research identifying both genetic risks for breast cancer as well as risks linked with way of life and environmental factors, a new British study reveals that the two types of risk pools appear to operate separately of one another.

The finding is based on analysis that looked for any confirmation of an interaction between a dozen genetic mutations — all connected with a small increase in breast cancer risk — and 10 recognized environmental danger factors, which are factors associated to behavior or standard of living. The results are reported in the June 2 online edition of The Lancet.

The author Dr. Ruth Travis, of the cancer epidemiology unit at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom mentioned in a news release that they looked at whether way of life factors for breast cancer, such as use of HRT, hormone replacement therapy, alcohol consumption and reproductive history, influence the genetic risks. And the respond is that they do not.

Travis and her colleagues focused on 7,610 women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer, as well as nearly 10,200 women who did not have the illness. All of the women provided blood examples for genetic testing, in addition to comprehensive information concerning their lifestyles.

DNA analyses looked for 12 ordinary genetic variables, while the authors sifted through the collected way of life information in look for a specific group of environmental risk factors: age at first menstruation; number of births; age of mother at first birth; breast-feeding patterns; menopausal status; age at menopause; use of hormone substitute therapy; body-mass index; height; and alcohol consumption history.

Genetic risks and ecological risks did not appear to act together. Particularly, the study group noted that despite previous indications to the opposing, hormone substitute therapy did not come out to have any important impact on genetic danger factors.



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