Lip Twitching: Causes, cures and treatment

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In a simple language lip twitching is defined as the sudden irregular contraction of muscles of the lip and is very common. It can be due to injury, irritation, stress and intake of caffeine. Lip twitching occurs mostly when the lips are at rest and it can be a nervous disorder also and can be repetitive. Hence, it should not be neglected. Symptoms could be palpitation or your lip can be numb.

Causes of lip twitching :

One of the reasons is withdrawal from alcohol and drugs


Emotions like fear and excitement



Injury or trauma can lead to lip twitching

Deficiency of Potassium

At times cranial nerves of facial muscles don’t function properly and hence lips twitch.

Persistent lip twitching can be caused due to:

One must understand that if your lips twitch persistently then it’s the time you need to see your doctor.

A facial twitch involves muscles around face and mostly lips as there is spasm of the muscles involved. Stress and a feeling of tiredness worsen the situation.

At times the facial muscles moves involuntarily and the reason could be a tumor of the facial nerve. Again this can become worst due to fatigue or stress.

Parkinson’s disease also leads to twitching of lips involuntarily and it may twitch at times when the patient is busy talking or eating.

Tourette’s syndrome is an inherited disorder which happens in childhood and the symptoms include blinking of eyes, clearing of throat, movement of facial movements. In most of the cases treatment is not necessary and the exact cause of the disease is not known.

Hypoparathyroidism is a serious medical condition and it happens when there is less d production of Parathyroid hormone. Symptoms include twitching of lips, fingers and toes, pain in feet ,legs and face, depression, dry hair and brittle nails to name a few.

DiGeorge Syndrome occurs when a part of chromosome 22 is deleted and is common among kids. It is related to heart disease, disabilities in learning and differences in facial features. People affected with this disease have kidney defects. Symptoms include deficiency of growth hormone, heart disease and twitching of the muscles around lips.

Tremor is defined as the involuntary relaxation and contraction of the body parts. Essential Tremor is the most common type of tremor and it involves mostly hands but other parts such as head, voice, tongue, legs can also be affected. It strikes to people aged 40 and above. Emotional stress and feeling of tiredness can make it worse.

Hysterical tremor is caused due to increase in stress and the best thing is that when the patient is distracted the twitching of lips or tremors disappears. Tremors can also be caused due to consumption of alcohol or alcohol withdrawal or due to drugs. Symptoms may include twitching of lips, tremor of head or head or voice.

Treatment/Prevention of Lip twitching :

Avoid taking caffeine or alcohol as they aggravate lip twitching.

Don’t neglect your health; take a good care of yourself.See a doctor whenever it is required.

Keep yourself calm by practicing yoga.

Take a proper diet and include food items containing Potassium.

Here is an example of lip twitching!

And this is a general video about nerve twitching, it suggests using silicon to calm the muscles!




  1. My lips won’t quit twitching help

  2. My left side of bottom lip just started twitching suddenly, but I have fibromyalgia, sjorgens syndrom and a life fulled with stress and chronic fatigue no energy.

  3. Its about one year my lips alos twitch a lot and there is tighness around my lips i am too much worried about this twitching anybody can help

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