Liquid Vitamins or Pill Vitamins

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When it comes to choosing liquid vitamins or pill vitamins is there a clear winner ? The answer is yes. Take a look at the superiority of liquid vitamins and you will have yourself down to the health store in no time asking them why they did not recommend them to you.

Did you know that a liquid vitamin has the ability to be nearly completely absorbed by your body ? Think about it. When you take a pill vitamin, it has a covering over it. This covering needs to be dissolved even before the pill vitamin is able to be used or digested by the body. A liquid vitamin has no such problem. For some liquid vitamins in mist form, the absorption rate is not only high but fast as well. A popular liquid vitamin on the market advertises that their product will give your body what it need in sixty seconds. That is fast ! Try that with a pill vitamin. You will be lucky that the covering of the pill vitamin is even dissolved during that space of sixty seconds.

Another advantage of liquid vitamins over pill vitamins is that you do not have to attempt to shove liquid vitamins down your throat. This may be one of the most attractive aspects of liquid vitamins to most people. That pill vitamin not only tastes bad in your mouth, it is many times hard to even get down your throat. Some people feel like gagging when they take a pill vitamin. You will never get that “gaggging feeling” with a liquid vitamin. Not once. Some if not most liquid vitamins can be mixed with great tasting grape juice or orange juice and you hardly even notice the vitamin flavor.

One of the best advantages of liquid vitamins over pill vitamins is the savings. Because of the low absorption rate of pill vitamins you are literally flushing much of your money down the toilet. That is not so with a liquid vitamin. Look at the statistics; a pill vitamin has a twenty to perhaps thirty percent absorption rate. This means that out of ten pill vitamins you put into your mouth, you are actually only getting the use out of two or three of them. If you paid thirty dollars for a bottle of pill vitamins, you also flushed $21 dollars up to $24 dollars down the toilet because your body could not absorb it. That portion of the bottle was never used. If you pay $30 dollars for a bottle of liquid vitamins, you flush around $3 dollars down the toilet. Would you like to save some money ? Start using liquid vitamins.

The superiority of liquid vitamins is uncontested by pill vitamins. Pill vitamins always lose. Stop taking those practically useless little rocks and move up to a better level of health and perhaps even a fatter wallet or purse. Choose liquid vitamins over pill vitamins.



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