Liver Disease and Brain Injury Study Brings Home the Bacon During the Siemens Competition

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Researches, since time immemorial, are designed not only to investigate in certain phenomenons and events but as well as to discover new inventions, facts and specifics that can improve human life. In the field of healthy and medicine, the continuous process of researches is very much essential in proving evidence-based discoveries in terms of diseases, treatments and preventions.

The very much recent Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology Region 3 Finals announced the winners to belong to the American High School Students. The said competition is remarkably known to extract brilliant inventions from fresh minds to facilitate improvement in the health field. John Wen, Edgar Wang, Wayne Shu and Justin Yuan grab the gold for their outstanding works, presented their research this weekend to a panel of judges from the University of Notre Dame, host of the Region 3 Finals and now part of the National Finals in Washington, DC, to be held on December 2-5, 2011.

For the individual category,  A novel lectin-like ubiquitin ligase degrades disease-causing A1AT-Z, is the title of the study of John Wen that studied liver disease, specifically characterized by the deficiency of the Alpha 1-Antitrypsin (A1AT) protein in children. It is indented to figure out the primary cause of liver disease and transplant among children in United States. He comes from West High School in Iowa City, Iowa and $3,000 Individual scholarship was awarded to him. Never forgetting to mention, Dr. Kevin Glenn is his mentor of the said study.

On the other hand, the team category was topped by the study of molecular changes in the brain after stoke study, particularly on the neural stem cells. The title of the research is MicroRNA 17-92 Cluster Mediates Sonic Hedgehog Induced Neurogenesis on Neural Stem Cells After Stroke. The team was mentored by Dr. Michael Chopp of Henry Ford Hospital. Edgar Wang and Justin Yuan, both seniors, and Wayne Shu, a junior, all of Troy High School in Troy, Michigan, were awarded a $6,000 scholarship for their project and will share with it.

The cream of the crop that was awarded during the said event is indeed done an exemplary works and is known to show talents and intelligence prior the said completion. Not to mention the other regional finalists in particular, they still received $1, 000 each. The Siemens Foundation achieves the success of their annual program even the Nationals is not yet on the air.




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