Local Anesthesia Following Knee Procedure, Perceived Benefits To Patients

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A research was held at the Rothman Institute at Jefferson which showed that the local anesthesia delivered by means of a catheter in the joints might be more effective than traditional opioids. This will help in pain management after the Total Knee Replacement procedure. This research shall be acknowledged with the Knee Society Award for the excellent effort on the surgical technique at the yearly meeting of AAOS.  This meeting was held on 7 February in San Francisco. Their first study results were put forward on Friday, February 10th. The double blind and randomized trail supervised either a common analgesic, bupivacaine or an ordinary saline intra-operatively by means of a catheter in the joints of nearly 150 patients of TKR.

The catheters discharged fluid persistently for over two postoperative days. These patients were then asked to fill the questionnaires at 5 pm on the day of their total or unilateral knee replacement. They were also asked to fill again at 8am and 5pm each day till they finally got discharged. After a 4 week follow up visit, they again filled the questionnaire. The patients who received bupivacaine reported that they experienced less pain and low narcotic consumption. There was no prominent difference in the postoperative complications.

The research concludes that the patients of TKR may be benefited positively form the intraarticular delivery of local anesthesia as it decreased the overall pain level. It also diminished the requirement of opioids after the surgery. With no prominent augmentation in the infection threat, this procedure can also provide an effectual option for pain relief in the urgent post-operative time period. This research unveils the possibility for better management of pain following the surgery for the knee replacement patients. Although further study is required yet the results seem promising, says M.D of Rothman Institute of Jefferson, Nitin Goyal.





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