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1. Overview

Loneliness hurts indeed, not only emotionally but physically as there is a clear link between loneliness and physical pain. Loneliness can strike at almost any time, and isolation and sadness can be difficult to bear.

Temporary loss of a partner can make anyone feel alone. A person may feel alone and without major changes in his life. Anyone can be alone or may feel alone, even surrounded by people.

Loneliness is simply the feeling of breaking the relations with the other (between 5-7% of middle-aged adults or older reported feeling intense or persistent presence of loneliness).


1. Overview
2. Loneliness and diseases
3. Treatment of loneliness

2. Loneliness and diseases

Loneliness is painful not only emotionally but may even harm a person’s health. It is a risk factor for a number of problems such as hypertension, sleep disturbances, decreased ability to cope with everyday stress and the body’s ability to deal with inflammation.

The result is the emergence of diseases such as atherosclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis, low immune system and increased susceptibility to various diseases. Researchers cannot identify whether these health problems are triggered specifically by health status, but can confirm that it can be made worse by loneliness.

Small quantities of chemicals will be released into the bloodstream and stress can affect blood vessels throughout the body. Sometimes loneliness is inevitable in everyone’s life and it’s normal to experience fear in this regard. Loneliness should be seen as a companion thirst that can be satisfied by connecting with others.

3. Treatment of loneliness

Experts believe that loneliness should not be regarded as a state but as a motivation to socialize. Here is how it can be cured:

- Interact with others – it is not necessary to be best friends with someone to benefit of interaction. Friendship is a relationship where a smile is enough. Awareness of neighborhood’s presence can make a person feel part of a community, for example.

- Be selective when you choose friends – when a person wants very much to have relationships would be willing to tolerate unacceptable treatment.

- Think positive – lonely people tend to expect to be rejected, making this more possible. Cognitive psychotherapy can help any person to reconsider how others perceive.



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