Losing Weight Also Benefits Hair and Skin

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Overweight females frequently stop getting their menses, however the recent studies recommend the weight loss surgery might aid regulating their menstrual cycle and even stemming abundant hair growth and skin issues which follow significant weight loss. Being overweight is a major issue says, a fellow from the Stanford University School of Medicine. She says that she wanted to see if the bariatric surgery was an alternative to aiding restore the menstrual cycle in the overweight women whose menses have turned out to be disappearing or irregular. She also says that hormonal changes which take place when females reach an elevated BMI – the secretion of more male hormones could result in menstrual disturbances. The BMI is the measurement which is based on height and weight.

How was the research carried?

A resident of New York City, Paka conducted the research in the year 2008 and 2009 along with her colleagues who were scheduled to provide their research this week at the yearly meeting of a college in San Diego. For the research the investigators monitored around 126 females who were planning to undergo a bariatric procedure which engages decreasing size of stomach to aid the patients cut back on the consumption of food so that they reached a healthy BMI. The females were from the age group of 19 and 49 years and had not yet reached their pre-menopause. Their mean age was 39. The mean BMI of these women was 46, which was much above the normal range of nearly 18-24. The findings show that about 52% has regular menses, 39% reported of irregular and around 22% reported of missing menses.

12 months following the surgery, the BMI reduced to 33 and 99% said that their menstrual cycle improved.



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