Losing Yourself in Books—Change in Lifestyle

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When you lose yourself in the world of any fictional character at times of reading of any book, you might be in fact ending up in changing your own personality to match with that of the character, a recent research recommends. Investigators at the Ohio University scrutinized as to what occurred to individuals who while reading a fictional story, discovered themselves feeling thoughts, emotions, internal responses and beliefs of a character as if they were their personal. This is also called experience taking. They discovered that in the precise circumstances, experience taking might lead to factual alterations, if just temporary, in the life of the readers.

How was the research conducted?

In one of the experiments, for instance, the investigators discovered that individuals who strongly recognized with a fictional personality who overcame the obstruction to vote were prominently much possible to vote in a factual election many days later. The experience taking might have been powerful method of altering our behavior and thinking in much meaningful and advantageous way. There are numerous experiences which can influence the readers. In one more trial, individuals who went through this experience taking procedure, while going through a character who was exposed to be of different gender or race displayed more favorable personality towards the other team and was less likely to stereotype.

The conclusions showed that the kids who read the stories where characters who were identified to be of other gender later in the story reported to elevated levels of experience taking than those individuals who read the narration where the character’s homosexuality was revealed much earlier. Experience taking might prove to be much powerful as individuals do not realize this as happening to them. The research was further financed by NSFGR fellowship to Kaufman.



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