Low Income Mother Might Lead To Overfeeding Babies

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Poor or low-income mothers who are single or mothers who have severe depression are more possible to overfeed their babies by adding to the baby bottles a small quantity of cereal, a practice which could result to extra weight gain in babies, a recent research says. For the research, US investigators evaluated data from 254 mothers of babies in low income group and discovered that around 24% of the mothers add cereal in their baby’s bottles. Those mothers who are in great depression were 15 times more probable to do this, than those mothers who are not into depression.

Stress is a very general problem with low-income mothers and it makes the situation much complicated to involve in advantageous parenting practices normally, said the main author of the research Dr. Candice Taylor Lucas.

Single mothers possible to put cereal to bottle:

Their findings are particularly concerning as they recommend that stressed mothers might be more possible to augment cereal to the baby bottles, which might augment their kid’s threat of obesity, added Lucas. The investigators even discovered that single mothers were more likely to put cereals to baby bottles along with the mothers who sensed that their kids has extreme emotional responses to regular routines. On whole these results display that the stressors can be found in low income mothers like depression, linked infant behavioral challenges, single parenthood and influence feeding practices possible to encourage obesity. It is very important to offer back-up for the parents concerned with healthy feeding practices in case we are finishing the plague of childhood obesity.

The research was expected to be presented at the yearly meeting in Boston where the data and conclusions concerning the research shall be put at display at the medical meeting.



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