Lower diabetes risk for coffee drinkers

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Numbers of studies linked to coffee have provided results which will spin your heads, but the new paper discovers that the coffee drinkers have no more threat of illness like the heart diseases and cancer. In actual, such individuals are less exposed to type 2 diabetes, which is a kind of disease that does not need insulin and is associated with diabetes. But the researchers say that they will not recommend individuals to drink coffee, in case they do not like drinking it, but in general, the evidences on health and coffee recommend that there is no particular reason for individuals without particular health conditions to lower their coffee intake if they want to lessen their threat of chronic illness.

In many cases, drinking coffee has been linked to augmented cancer, heart disease, stroke and many more. While in other cases, drinking coffee seems benign or even associated to better results. The researchers who got their study published in periodical, gathered information at the initiation of the research on drinking coffee habits, exercise, diet and health from approximately 42,000 German adults who had no chronic disease. They followed the patients for about next nine years to see if they developed any illness or health issue. The researchers found that coffee drinkers were less probable to be diagnosed to Type 2 Diabetes than those individuals who did not drink.

After considering few other factors which could lead to diabetes like smoking, weight gain, the researchers ascertained that individuals who drank coffee frequently were 23% less probable to develop diabetes. Higher coffee intake also has been associated with reduced threat of type 2 diabetes in many potential studies all over the world, says Van Dam. But this does not prove that coffee prevents type 2 diabetes. Experiments have proved that coffee has chemicals that affect the metabolism positively in animals.



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