Lower Income Dad, More Involved In Kids’ Health But May Not Be Well Competent

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Dads from the urban areas, more specifically those who have lower income are more involved in their children’s health. This is according to a report of the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. However the study also pointed out that these dads are more prone to give their kids the wrong dose of medicine and may be more uncomfortable in handling emergency medical situations and provide care for their children.

This study is the first of its kind to measure the father’s perception in their participation towards making their kids more healthy and fit. This is an important subject matter because today, more and more fathers are becoming custodians of their kids, and are becoming more responsible for caring for their children. Likewise, more men are becoming unemployed compared to women, which leaves the men to do the rest of child rearing.

This study serves as a wakeup call to many health care providers in the hopes of inculcating and educating fathers as major partners in promoting kids’ health, instead of purely pouring out focus on the role of mothers for child care.

“There are positive ways dads are involved in their children’s health and negative ways,” according to lead study author Craig Garfield, M.D. Garfiled is also an assistant professor of pediatrics and of medical social sciences at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine and a Pediatrician specialist at Children’s Memorial Hospital. “If we are really going to focus on improving the health of children, we have to include fathers because they are important. Getting dads more involved and more comfortable in their children’s health and health care can create healthier families.”

The study, which was also published in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity, Garfield noted that “Fathers make unique contributions to their kids’ health. Dads aren’t just male moms,” he said. “They have their own ways of contributing to child development, whether that is through rough and tumble play or exploring new things and taking calculated risks. Dads want to be good role models. Yet they may not have had a model in their own fathers that they can base their behaviors on. We in the health care system need to help them achieve that by showing them good behaviors to model for their children.”

He also shared that children from low income families have greater risk for health problems like diabetes and obesity. He also added that a number of fathers are attempting to protect their kids from these conditions. The low income fathers, more than the researchers expected, are involved in their kids health.

“There’s a bias to assume lower income dads, particularly in unmarried families, are not involved with their children,” Garfield said. “But that’s not the case. Recent research has shown the vast majority of dads will attend the birth of their kids whether or not the men are married to the mother. Our research goes further to say they really are involved day to day with their kids in ways that affect their health and development.”





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