Lumbar Back Pain, Kidneys and Back Pain, Lower Back and Hip Pain

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Lumbar back pain

The cause of backache is a strain of lumbar spine region. This is usually due to herniated disc or severe muscle strain. Lumbar back pain is the result of an abrupt movement of the spine, aimed at lifting weights or trying to reach something. Back pain may also be caused by lumbar disc hernia, the displacement of the vertebrae.

Mostly, these syndromes arise from a reflex mechanism in patients with lumbar osteochondrosis, in the presence of pathology of the lumbosacral junction, vertebral static disorders.

Kidneys and back pain

Back pain is associated with various Kidney diseases like glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis, urolithiasis, nephroptosis, cystic kidneys, renal failure, and others.
Signs of kidney disease: pain, back pain, swelling, urination disorders (including its absence – anuria), uremia, nephrotic syndrome, Pyuria (increasing the number of leukocytes in urine), renal colic (acute pain).

Kidneys and back pain disease can be caused by various metabolic disorders in the body.

Lower back and hip pain

it is the most common cause of a required treatment of patients from doctors of different profiles: physicians, neurologists, rheumatologists and gynecologists, and others. Basically the pain is located between XII pair of ribs and gluteal folds. The prevalence of LBHP ranges from 40% to 80%, and the annual incidence of – 5%.

Most men from age 35 – 44 years and women aged 25 years – 34 years suffer with this pain. At 80% of LBHP is under the influence of treatment in a relatively short time – from several weeks to months, and 20% become chronic.



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