Lung Cancer Risk Increases In Females

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Smoking is already proven to cause multiple health risk among individuals who are into cigarette smoking. Health professionals are extending information regarding the draw back of smoking which can actually lead to the development of certain diseases such as lung cancer. Although smoking is most frequently observed among the males, females are already taking it into the mainstream. Reports show that there are already increasing number of females who are lighting their cigarettes, hence, increasing as well the number of female diagnosed of having lung cancer, according to a new research.

The magnitude of the problem is now even higher compared to the past decades. Today not only the males are engaging into cigarette smoking, but also the females. According to the new research which was reported in Cancer Council Australia, the rates of lung cancer diagnosed among Australian women is increasing, and it is even higher as compared to the males, hence, extensive campaign of stopping cigarette smoking is a must, and people should be wary about this bothering health dilemma.

According to Professor Ian Olver, Cancer Council Australia CEO, he explained that the increasing cases of lung cancer rates noted among Australian females as compared to the dropping cases among males is due to the differences between the peak period of cigarette smoking of the two gender population. The smoking prevalence among Australian men have reached its peak during the 1940’s as to the peak of smoking prevalence among Australian women which was noted in the mid-70’s.

In addition, he said: “If you look at a number of cigarette brands targeting women today, you can see how much effort the tobacco companies put into making the pack a sleek, stylish fashion accessory. The rate of smoking among Australian teenagers aged 14 to 17 is higher for girls than boys, so it’s important we remove the glamour that some young women associate with smoking. Federal Parliament has an ideal opportunity to do that now by passing the plain packaging for tobacco bills.”

In a Canadian study, it was noticed that in 2011, an estimated 25,300 Canadians will be diagnosed with lung cancer and 20,600 will die of it. Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death for both men and women.

-          An estimated 12,200 women will be diagnosed with lung cancer and 9,300 will die of it.

-          An estimated 13,200 men will be diagnosed with lung cancer and 11,300 will die of it.

-          On average, 69 Canadians will be diagnosed with lung cancer every day.

-          On average, 56 Canadians will die of lung cancer every day.

Moreover, widespread awareness and campaign against cigarette smoking should be made extensive informing the general population about the health detriments of smoking, especially among the teenagers and women who are reported to have an increasing rate of lung cancer. Furthermore, aside from preventive activities, early diagnosis and measures must also be forwarded in order to give prompt intervention to those individuals who are suffering form lung cancer, and thus, saving lives at the end of the day.



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