Lung Survival and Genes Linked To Quality of Life

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The manner in which the lung cancer patients experience around the time when they are being diagnosed might be associated to how long they shall survive, even following the objective measures of the disease, a recent research recommended. The patients with recently detected non small cell lung cancer who listed their quality of life superior during diagnosis generally lived nearly 6 years when compared to those patients who reported their quality of life to be poor. Stage, age, aggressiveness of cancer and co-morbidity could not justify the association. The quality of life is a difficult construct which encompasses an individual’s feelings of mental, emotional and physical well being.

Doctors generally start their conversation by asking how you are doing. Further they carry on the conversation after knowing their patient’s well being. Lab test is one of the ways of ascertaining how the patients are doing. However the doctors have known long that 2 patients can look the similar as far as target cancer-related measures go, still fare dissimilar. Numerous researchers have shown that the quality of life appears to impact the long term picture for cancer patients. Hence, the doctors at Mayo have started regularly observing the quality of life of cancer patients and also some other cancer centers have started do the same.

What can be done if the cancer patients have issues with their quality of life? If it is fatigue or depression, it can be cured with medication or other treatments. In case they have financial problems, there are non-profit groups and governmental programmes which might be able to help. 3 variants of one of the genes considered to be engaged in DNA repair were associated to an elevated possibility of reporting poor quality of life as whole. The doctors can accomplish the improvement of the quality of life by asking the patients and helping accordingly.



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