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Belly pains due to colicky are common in children when start solid food, but discomfort can be lower if you use the probiotic qualities. They are living organisms, nonpathogenic, with health benefits.

They work in the mouth, the digestive tract, the respiratory tract and urogenital system. Besides the fact that they support child’s immunity and keep him away from infection, probiotics are useful in the maturation of intestinal flora, preparing children to cope more easily to introducing new foods in the diet.


1. Overview
2. When is the right time?
3. What mistakes should be avoided?
4. Breastfeeding can continue

When is the right time?

Food diversification may begin around the age of four months, when breastfeeding can’t cover all the nutritional needs of children.

Food to be placed in your child’s diet should come with extra vitamins, minerals, fiber and more carbohydrates and lipids. Of foods introduced during diversification seem to depend the food preferences of the later adult.

What mistakes should be avoided?

Some children have great difficulty accepting other foods besides milk, so it is recommended gradual introduction of any other food. At first in small quantities, which increase gradually according to digestive tolerance of the child, which should be followed carefully.

Do not start diversifying when your child is ill or recovering, because this procedure would be an additional stress for the baby. If your child refuse new food introduced, even after several attempts, have to give up and try reinserting it after a while.

Breastfeeding can continue

As you introduce new foods into your baby’s diet, his need to drink milk decreases, but it is best to not interrupt breastfeeding because it robs a lot of benefits that this food offers the health of the child.

But, if it’s impossible to breastfeed, because you return to work or you do not have enough milk, you can use some powdered dietary supplements, which bring the necessary nutrients to the baby.



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