Makeup and beauty tips in summertime

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As you move from warm clothes to thin clothes, your makeup will become increasingly transparent and bright. Bold colors, such as the color of wine or plum, are inappropriate during the summer.

More indicated for this time would be light colored lip gloss and eye makeup and face cream, not the powder type. Change colors and smokey eye makeup used in winter, with warm tones and earth colors, shadows and bright brown lines.


1. Overview
2. Protect your lips
3. Hot styles for short hair and long hair
4. Do not use hair dryer
5. Sun and water – hair enemies
6. Protect your eyes with sunglasses
7. Unsightly tan lines and sections
8. Fight with rebel curly hair
9. Skin care
10. It is recommended to cover sunburns
11. How to avoid sunburns
12. Do not use sunscreen creams that are sticky
13. Battle with pimples
14. Fail to stop sweating

Protect your lips

In the days that you do not apply lipstick on the lips, for their protection use a lip balm with SPF 30 (or higher).

Conditioners that contain glycerin are moisturizers, while the colored versions will provide a nice look to your lips. If your lips are cracked before balm with sunscreen for their rapid healing, add a thin layer of petroleum jelly.

Hot styles for short hair and long hair

For an elegant but simple hairstyle, the old way is the best way: classic hair tied ponytail. To keep hair away from face and sweat, tighten it around the neck.

If you have short hair, you can wear hair band to avoid contact with skin. In trend are thin hair bands, adjacent – plastic or metal – spaced half an inch apart.

Do not use hair dryer

Try to avoid as much as you can the hairdryer. Instead you can style your hair while you sleep. Apply a styling cream on damp hair and secure with flexible hair curlers.

Try to catch it so as not to interfere too much during sleep. When you awaken your hair will have volume and will be wavy.

Sun and water – hair enemies

Your hair needs sunscreen, as UV rays can burn the scalp. The best method of protection is wearing a hat.

Alternatively, you can use various products especially hair spray or conditioner to protect painted hair against harmful rays of the sun.

Before swimming, always wet your hair with tap water and apply a conditioner to protect your hair from chlorine and salt water.

Protect your eyes with sunglasses

Sunlight can damage your eyes, increases the risk of cataracts and other conditions.

When is time to choose a new pair of sunglasses, you must check the label if their lenses stop at a rate 99-100% UVA and UVB rays. Curved sunglasses block light that could reach the eyes through the sides.

Unsightly tan lines and portions

When wearing perforated shoes in summer, your skin will be tanned unevenly-like toes and ankle. How Can hide unsightly tan?

Instead of hiding, you better uniform those lines. For this purpose it will mix two parts of liquid bronzer cream to one part moisturizer and apply it on the non-tanned areas.

Fight with rebel curly hair

In summer, hair is creases easier. To avoid this, use a moisturizing conditioner after every shampoo. If we talk about well hydrated hair there is less probability that it absorbs moisture from the air.

Apply lotions and anti-electrification to create a barrier between hair and humidity. Ionic hair dryer dries hair faster and gives shine.

Skin care

Even if you have dry skin does not mean you have to apply too much moisturizer in the summer. If you use a creamy moisturizer in January, your skin will be moisturized and you can still prevent pore clogging if you do not use excessively moisturizer in the summer.

If your skin is oily when temperatures rise, try to use a gentle cleansing lotion, foam. This will remove sunscreen and makeup and give skin fresh sensation.

It is recommended to cover sunburns

Trying to cover sunburns with foundation will do nothing but worsen the skin condition.

Instead, the application of aloe vera gel will soothe the burn. Red and shiny skin can be improved with a moisturizer with gold particles, which will give skin a beautiful glow.

How to avoid sunburns

When skin is exposed outdoors, you must cover it with plenty of sunscreen (to be applied 15 minutes before going outside).

Doctors say that people often forget to use sunscreen on ears and back of neck, areas where specific spots of skin cancer may occur often. You must not to forget of the neck and hands.

Both areas can quickly show signs of damage from exposure to sunlight, such as brown spots or wrinkles. Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours, after swimming and after perspiring heavily.

Do not use sunscreen creams that are sticky

Good news! For sun protection should not be sticky to work well. The same beneficial effect can be offered by lotions, gels and sprays that leaves skin silky.

Try a few until you find an alternative that will be on your taste. In addition, if you use a sunscreen which contains zinc or titanium oxide does not mean your skin will appear white from them. New versions contain micronized particles that disappear into the skin immediately.

Battle with pimples

Rashes and pimples are common during summer. We tend to sweat more, and the skin becomes a breeding ground for acne – caused by bacteria. You must use a proper sun-screen!
If, however, will occur and other pimples, try cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient that keeps your pores clean. Avoid synthetic materials molded body and sweat. Wear loose cotton clothing.

Fail to stop sweating

In the morning, when you get out of home, you are already sweaty? Sweat could be more pronounced in the armpits, along the hairline, palms and soles.

Try to dress in layers of natural materials such as cotton, to allow air to circulate. Use antiperspirants containing aluminum chloride in the armpits, hands and feet. If the problem is extreme, report this to your doctor.



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