Treatment of Measles

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??????????Diagnosis of measles can be done through tests and through clinical knowledge about the fever which lasts for at least three to four days. The fever is usually accompanied with three c’s cough, coryza and conjunctivitis. In most countries children are usually immunized against this disease of measles by the age of 18 months but in other countries where there is no such preventive measures taken children as well as adults fall with this disease causing extreme illness and tiredness.

There has to be care taken against cold and for food. Special light diet has to be followed soups, vegetables and milk has to be consumed daily. Liquids should be given more for the patient to digest it easily as well as to easily gulp because the patient’s teeth become weak and gums swell if the infection protrudes into the mouth.

When the dried skin from the rashes starts to fall it should be cleaned with antiseptic soap wash, sponging and neem leaves. Boric acid is usually used to clean the rashes so that there is little chance of it getting spread.

Warm water, basil and honey keep this disease at bay. Other complications include ear infection, bronchitis and encephalitis. Over the world the mortality rate due to measles is 15% and now there are vaccinations which are given to children by 18months to prevent this disease. According to WHO vaccines against measles have reduced the mortality rate in the children by vast number. Vitamin A has been found as a treatment against measles and it is said to be very effective in the new born and children above two years of age.

When an epidemic of measles breaks out the child should be given a dose of Morbillinium 200 but if a person is already down with this disease and is suffering with major cough then he should be given Bryonia 30. Aconite 30 should be given in case of consciousness and fever. Pulsatilla is one of the most important medicines that can cure measles very fast. Homeopathy is preferred by most as it has no side effects, it cleans out the disease from the root and medicine is easily available.




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