Medical Malpractice Widespread: How Important It Is To Report?

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A countrywide campaign motivating people to complain improper conduct by the medical professionals has been declared. Uncovering the drive in Pretoria, the health professions council from South Africa said that patients are unaware and do not have knowledge about the full extent of their rights. The patients have a strong right to avoid the treatment. Following the consultation on the medication, a patient can deny to take the treatment however this does not signify that he should be expelled from the hospital, they said. A patient has the right to refuse the treatment either in verbally or in written, provided that their denial does not cause harm to the health of other patients.

All the patients have the right to be provided with the information concerning their diagnostic process, the nature of their illness, the advised treatment and the various threats linked with it along the cost associated. The council was worried due to the mounting number of complaints concerning the settlement of the accounts of the patients and the improper relations amid the medical staff and the patients. The council however added that the patients were responsible for their own health and the health professionals also needed to understand that they are accountable for the treatment that they are giving to their patients.

The council claims that the clinical negligence often reaches the council. Other complains concerned the incompetence, charging extra for the services and the charging for the services even when these were not rendered. The council reported that because of the awareness campaign it was expected to augment the volume of complaints which the patients faced due to the negligence on part of the doctors and medical health professionals. It was worth noticing that the number of complaints from the private sector hospitals was at an elevated rate.



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