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  1. Impotence is quite frequent caused by depressions. That is what a study made on 1700 patients (aged from 40 to 70) who suffer or impotence says. It seems that those men who suffer of depression are twice likelier to develop impotence than those men who have a healthy psychic. As impotence causes psychic storms and stress due to the fear of the impossibility of fulfilling sexual acts, depression goes deeper and deeper every day. This can be considered a vicious circle, and the only solution for this would be talking to a psychologist and solve the depression.
  2. Breast cancer can affect men too. Even though found in a much smaller number of male patients (in Europe every year 100,000 men are diagnosed with this lethal affection), breast cancer still has to be considered a threat to the men’s lives. As researchers say breast cancer occurs mostly in men who are aged over 55, have a family history or breast cancer, have liver or heart affections and have an increased in size mammary gland due to overweight. Men usually neglect any sign of breast cancer and go too late to the doctor, when the normally applied therapy is not effective any more. So, any sign of a nodule in the breast should trigger an alarm in men too.
  3. Any prostate surgery should be followed by muscle exercising. It is known that after a surgery on the prostate some patients find it difficult to control their urine and tend to go quite frequent to the toilet. The ideal solution would be exercising on the pelvic muscles and the sphincters by using contraction and relaxation periods. Here is how you do it: you must interrupt the urinary flow for 3 or 4 times while urinating. Positive results can be seen after four weeks of practicing when you might succeed on going to the toilet only once in four hours. This is great news, isn’t it?



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