Medical Research Demonstrates the Link Between Depression and Diabetes

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As per a new study which was done by the medical researchers of Perelman School of Medicine which is at University of Pennsylvania, they have concluded that the diabetes type 2 patients, who receive treatment for both the diabetes and the depression are likely to improve their blood sugar count, the level of the depression and the medication compliance more than the diabetes type 2 patients who are receiving the medication for only diabetes. The medical study claimed that the depression and the diabetes are inter linked as they both are a factor for increasing the risk of increasing the other disease’s intensity. The patient who has the Type 2 diabetes is already a depressed person, so he doesn’t take regular medication. As he doesn’t take the regular medication, he gets more depressed.

The study found that if the diabetes patient gets the regular depression treatment with the diabetes treatment, he can do the better diabetes management and this also effects his blood sugar. They had divided the diabetes patients into two groups. One group was given the treatment of the diabetes with the treatment of the depression and the other group was given the treatment only of the diabetes. After completing the study period, they evaluated the health of both of the groups. The results told their own story.

The patients who received both treatments simultenously as an integrated treatment were found significantly heathier than the patients who has received only the usual treatment for diabetic management  Among the patients, who reveived the integrated treatment, 58% of the patients showed reduced depression’s result, the blood sugar results were improved by 60% of the patients whereas only 36% of the patients showed the reduced depression symptoms and the 31% of the patients showed the improvement in  blood sugar results of the second group of patients who received the usual treatment.

The prestigious journal The Annuls of Family Medicine has published the full study in the issue of January/ February.  As per Hillary Bogner, MSCE, MD  who is an assistant professor of the Family Medicine and the Community Health at Perelman School of Medicine and also a senior scholar at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, both of which are at the University of Pennsylvania said that although the medical research has registered the find again and again the interlinking between the diabetes and the depression, in practice, there are few integrated programs.




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