Melanoma risk cut by Vitamin A supplements

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Individuals who take vitamin A supplements may be cutting their threat of developing the deadly skin cancer, a recent study recommended. Supplements of Vitamin type A, which are also called retinol, can be defensive agent against melanoma, but too much of it can result in serious side effects, investigators say. We discovered a defensive effect from supplemental of Vitamin A, which is much effective than any other multivitamin, says the lead researcher. But individuals should not consume more of Vitamin A in a hope that it might diminish the threat of melanoma. If this was to be suggested, they would need a trial, says Dr. Maryam Asgari.

Based on the above findings, she would never suggest that the individuals begin taking vitamin A to avoid melanoma, and more data is required to be accessed to make this suggestion. Consuming supplements of vitamin A was linked with 40% diminish in threat of developing melanoma, as per their study. But the study unveiled a link amid the melanoma risk and retinol supplementation, as it failed to prove a cause and effect association. Further no association was witnessed amid vitamin A and melanoma in the diet. Sun and gender exposure might also be an added factor in how retinol might avoid melanoma, the investigators said.

The defensive impact of Vitamin A was much stronger among the women and in the regions of skin exposed to sun. Retinol can be found in food products like eggs, milk and liver and seems to have an impact on the cell differentiation and development, the investigators reported. Though the supplements might have an additional advantage, they won’t substitute a healthy diet. The excellent way to avoid skin cancer is to apply sun screen protection and restrict the time spent in direct sun.



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