Memory Decline—Faster in the Past 2 Years

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2 recent studies which were posted in an online journal of Neurology, which is a popular medical journal of America, recommends that the individual’s memory decreases at a fast rate in last 2 years of life than at any other age following the memory issues initially start. The 2nd research showed that keeping intellectually fit by means of reading or board games might be the excellent ways to preserve your memory during the last years of life. Both the researches were carried on by the researchers from the Rush University Medical center.

Conducting the research:

In the 1st research, the investigators used the finishing of life as a reference point for the research on the declining memory rather than the start of life or the birth, says the author of the study, Robert S. Wilson. He is a neuropathology expert at the Medical center. For the research, around 176 Catholic priests, monks, nuns who had no memory issues had their memory examined yearly for 6-15 years ahead their death. Following their death, the investigators examined their brains for the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease which is called tangles and plaques.

The research discovered that at a mean of around 2 and half years ahead their death, dissimilar memory and intellectual capabilities appear to have declined simultaneously at rates which were eight to seventeen times faster ahead this terminal duration. Augmented levels of tangles and plaques were associated to an earlier beginning of this terminal duration however not to the rate of memory diminishing during it. The research also proved that individual’s participation in intellectual stimulating activities and their intellectual mechanism declined at same rate over the years. The investigators even discovered that they can forecast individual’s level of cognitive mechanism by viewing at their level of intellectual activity a year ago. 



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