Mental Decline Initiates at 45 Years of age: Revealed through Researches

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The researches had revealed that lack in memory or reasoning in some situation at an early age may cause dementia at later stage and to be more particular after the age of 45 years. It had nullified the old sayings that mental decline starts after 60 years of age, says researchers.

“Cognitive function in normal, healthy adults begins to decline earlier than previously thought,” said Archana Singh-Manoux, research director at INSERM’s Center for Research in Epidemiology & Population Health at the Paul-Brousse Hospital in Paris, “It is widely believed that cognitive ability does not decline before the age of 60. We were able to show robust cognitive decline even in individuals aged 45 to 49 years,”

Archana Singh-Manoux further told that the mental status of a person must be judged by comparing the detections with the dementia and the recognizing functions of the person. A fewer imparity in recognition at early age may effect greatly in the later stage. The detections of recognition at early stage can enable to identify the occurrence of dangerous situation of dementia at a much earlier stage.

Singh-Manoux and her associates experimented on more than 5000 men and more than 2000 women of 45 to 70 ears of age, who participated in the cohort studies of Whitehall II in 1985. During 10 years of their experiment they tested their mental functions alongwith vision, memory, hearing and vocabulary for three times at different intervals. They came to a conclusion that the memory, vocabulary and reasoning skills of most of them had declined with the passage of time. They observed 4% decline in the memory of men among the age group of 45-50 and 10% on the higher age group. Similarly 5% decline was recorded with women of 45-50 years of age and 7% for higher age group.

“Greater awareness of the fact that our cognitive status is not intact until deep old age might lead individuals to make changes in their lifestyle and improve [their] cardiovascular health, to reduce risk of adverse cognitive outcomes in old age,” Singh-Manoux said. She further said that it had been proved through researches that the thing tha is good for heart will affect the head accordingly to make the living style a healthy one that may affect the recognizing instinct adversely.

Thus, studies had revealed that the mental decline of an individual starts at the age of 45, if his cognitive functions are affected since early age.



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