Mild Drinking After Heart Attack May Help

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One drink or 2 drinks everyday might help in lowering a man’s odd of death in 2 decades after a heart attack, a recent study recommends. The research which was posted online in a periodical encompassed more than approximately 1800 American men, who lived a 1st heart attack amid 1986 and 2006 and were observed for 20 years. At that time around 468 men died. Individuals who consumed approximately 2 alcohol drinks every day for longer period time experienced 14% reduced risk of death from any cause and around 42% faced reduced threat of death from heart diseases than non drinkers.

The research clearly displays that long term mild consumption of alcohol amid men who survived a heart attack was linked with diminished risk of complete and cardiovascular mortality. They also discovered that amid men, who drank mild quantity of alcohol ahead to a heart attack, those who continued to drink alcohol in mild amount afterwards had excellent long term prognosis. The research was only on men and so they cannot extrapolate to women. But in other cases of alcohol and chronic disease, connections are same except at reduced quantities for women.

One of the experts said that the study had certain flaws. The research like this looks for connections with outcomes. The society must recognize that an association is not the cause. The study though proves an association, however it does not prove that mild drinking of alcohol is good for individuals after heart attack. The researchers also recommended that this does not bring an excuse for individuals to start drinking, if they did not drink alcohol earlier. The main conclusion is that the mild drinking does not bring any harm and is in fact beneficial for your heart.



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