Mild Drinking Augments Breast Cancer

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Even one alcoholic drink every day can augment women’s risk of breast cancer by approximately 5%, as per a recent review of the present research. Heavy drinking like 3 or more than 3 drinks every day can augment the risk up to 50% as per the researchers from Italy, France and Germany. Consuming alcohol is generally concerned with breast cancer. They attributed around 2% of the breast cancer cases in North America and Europe to mild drinking alone and around 50,000 cases were tracked worldwide for heavy drinking. The study appeared to justify the expert advice for females to reduce the drinking, said the leader of the study, Dr. Helmut Seitz.

What the study discovered?

The results of the research confirmed that the healthy women who are at average risk of this cancer, must not drink more than 1 drink per day, the researchers said. Women are at high risk for this cancer and hence should avoid alcohol or must try to consume alcohol only once in a blue moon. Those women who are at increased risk include those who have a family history of such kind of cancer.

The relationship amid the breast cancer and alcohol was initially recommended in early 1980s, the authors reported. To update the research, they analyzed for researches which were printed in the year 2011. They discovered more than 3400 studies in all and however limited that to 113 which evaluated the impact of mild drinking on Breast cancer. This research is expected to be printed in the periodical of Alcohol and Alcoholism.

The association amid the mild drinking and a moderate augmented risk of progressing breast cancer has been reported before. This research is an update of the justification of the association of alcohol to breast cancer. Many times the breast cancer is also due to genetic factors.




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