MIT gets a Gift of $26.5 Million From Simon’s Foundation

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Talk about gifts and the latest news has it that the Simons Foundation just proferred a goft of $26.5 million in cash to help MIT develop the Simon’s Center for the Social Brain at MIT which is expected to lead towards new research opportunities on the ‘social brain’ and towards the enhanced diagnostics and treatment of autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

This will be a new feather in the cap for the Boston and Cambridge areas, which are already established hubs for research in the field of autism. The new center is expected to huddle with the Simon’s Foundation Autism research Initiative and string together plenty of academic and medical institutions to gain better insights on disorders relating to autism spectrum disorders.

In the U.S, autism hits 1 in every 110 children. According to the U.S National Library of Medicine , Autism is a “development disorder” that has the possibility to occur in the first 3 years of human lives, which barricades the brain’s normal development along with social and communication skills.

The condition, found especially in growing children, is a physical condition that relates to abnormal bio-chemical developments in the brain. There’s a lot that still goes unexplained and that’s precisely why it’s an active area of researching explaining the need for more research, funding, and specialist centers as seen developing in Boston and Cambridge – with the new MIT hub coming up.

Some of the common causes for autism include genetics, diet, changes in the digestive tract, body’s inability to absorb vitamins and minerals, and even even vaccine sensitivity – none of these have been proven. Research also indicates that multi-dose vaccines contain small amounts of mercury, which can also lead to autism.

The Centers for Disease control and Prevention states that are common and it affects boys are more affected – about 3-5 times more – than girls are. Some of the most common symptoms of children suffering from autism is their inability to play normally with other kids, inability to converse, underdeveloped verbal and nonverbal communication, etc. Children may also lose sight, and any of the other sense that should be otherwise normal.



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