Mobile Technology Encourages Healthy Food Consumption

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A recent research which is supported partially by the National Heart Lung & Blood Institute, recommends that an amalgamation of mobile technology along with a remote coaching carries promise in boosting healthier consumption and physical workout behavior in adults. The research laid importance on the best methods to change various health behaviors. The research results shall appear in the journal Archives of Internal medicine. The researchers from the Northwestern University, Chicago, along with other colleagues from some other institutes, observed around 204 obese and overweight adults. Previously to enrollment, the volunteers had a diet which was high in saturated fats and was low in vegetables and fruits.

They even involved in little regular physical activity and had elevated amount of sedentary leisure time. Each volunteer was assigned to one of the four mentioned groups.

  1. Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables and augmented time in intense physical activity.
  2. Augmented consumption of fruits and vegetables and decreased time in sedentary leisure activities.
  3. Less fat intake and augmented time in mild and intense workout.
  4. Less intake of fat and decrease time in various sedentary leisure activities.

How was the research carried?

Various participants got their mobile devices and were educate on putting their information regarding their regular activities and consumption patterns. The trainers observed the data which they received and then emailed or phoned the volunteers to motivate and support the healthy alterations at times of 3 week study. The volunteers were even asked to continue to record and submit their data for a 20 week follow up session. The investigators found that this group’s mean regular servings of fruits & vegetables augmented from 1.2 to 2.9, while the percentage of saturated fats in the regular calories went from 12 to 9.9.



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