More energy in five days, with vitamins

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In your body there are several centers of energy that must be supplied with key vitamins, important to feel energized. Lack of necessary vitamins and nutrients can make you feel tired and exhausted.

Appropriate would be to focus on a lifestyle that includes eating foods with a high content of vitamins than to take different doses of vitamin supplements. The following recommendations are designed for energy recovery in five different areas of the body that you need most.

It is important to focus on the assimilation of these vitamins every day so, after consumption of healthy foods, you will see a significant increase in energy levels after only five days.


1. Overview
2. The first day – Energize your lungs
3. The second day – Energize your brain
4. The third day – Energize your bowel
5. The fourth day – Energize your liver
6. The fifth day – Energize your thyroid

The first day – Energize your lungs

Lungs are a key organ for growing and maintaining energy levels as they are responsible for providing oxygen for aerobic metabolism in the body. Even a slight change in lung function can decrease oxygen levels, which will cause severe fatigue.

To boost lung power consuming foods rich in vitamin E, which according to some research, can improve or support lung function. A good way to reach the daily recommended dose of vitamin E is to combine half a cup of sunflower seeds with three-quarters of a cup of dried apricots and a half of cup of nuts.

These foods can be easy to carry anywhere and can be consumed even going to work or to eat them as a snack. Sunflower seeds are delicious added to green salads.

It is recommended to keep sunflower seeds and peanuts in the refrigerator for their oils or fresh, to prevent rancidity and to obtain the maximum amount of nutrients in them.

The second day – Energize your brain

The brain is one of the most important energy centers because it controls all body functions related to energy, including respiratory rate, heart function, hormones and sleep. Vitamin D is the best solution to stimulate brain function.

You can get vitamin D through sun exposure and eating certain foods. Some of the best sources of vitamin D are mushrooms. Like humans, mushrooms produce vitamin D when exposed to light. Just a cup or two of mushrooms meet daily recommendations for vitamin D, of 400 IU.

To prepare a light dinner, you can mix 2 cloves of garlic and a cup of your favorite white wine with mushrooms. Leave them to boil for about an hour and they are ready. Besides these you can add lettuce and vegetables rich in starch as a substitute for meat. In addition to the fact that mushrooms are rich in vitamin D are also a good source of protein.

The third day – Energizing your bowel

May not make the link between gut and your energy level, but they are essential energy centers. If the intestines and digestive tract works slowly, your energy will be low.

Intestines have an important role in providing energy to cells, due to consumption of food. To support bowel health, you need vitamin B. Group B vitamins are water soluble, meaning they can’t be stored in fat cells for later use, so you need to include in your diet, regularly.

An indicated source of vitamin B is nutritional yeast that is an inexpensive product that can be easily found. This is different from the yeast you know, used for baking. Nutritional yeast tastes like cheese and nuts, is rich in B vitamins and is a complete source of protein.

A teaspoon and a half has 40 calories and covers 100% of recommended daily value of most vitamins from group B. Sprinkle it over salads, raw vegetables or cooked directly. This is very tasty sprinkled on broccoli, as a cheese as a substitute. Keep nutritional yeast in the cupboard.

The fourth day – Energize your liver

The liver is very important to detoxify the body. This process helps to boost energy, as if the body is not properly detoxified and toxins aren’t eliminated, your overall condition will not be too good.

The liver is the organ where is stored the majority of vitamin K and needs this vitamin to function optimally. The best way to increase levels of vitamin K in the body is to eat green leafy vegetables such as cabbage. One cup of kale contains approximately 700% of recommended daily amount of vitamin K.

There are different types of sprouts that can be tried, including kale. Try to make a salad instead of traditional cabbage lettuce or a mixed salad that contains these two. Loosen cabbage leaves and break them into small pieces to be easier to digest.

For a cabbage use 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast, lemon juice and half a mashed avocado (which contains potassium and fiber) as an oil. Mix ingredients together, preferably with your hands.

The fifth day – Energize your thyroid

The thyroid is a gland that is an important part of the endocrine system which controls metabolism. When metabolism is stimulated, the energy levels , increase and you can lose weight. The best impulse for thyroid are not vitamins, but iodine that help thyroid function to work optimally.

A suitable source of iodine is seaweed (which also have low sodium). Each gram contains three times the recommended daily intake of iodine, which is 150 mcg. The best way to eat them is to soak them in water, cut them into pieces and put them in soups or salads. If they aren’t agreed by your family members you care about, you can use a blender to cut them. Iodine will not be destroyed by heat, so you can boil them at high temperatures.



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