Morning nausea – remedies and treatments

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Not all pregnant women suffer from morning nausea, but most experience this symptom during pregnancy. Manifestation can last for months in early pregnancy and can return during the last week of pregnancy.

These might take the form of heartburn, nausea, fatigue and even an aversion to certain foods, accompanied by a strong feeling of malaise.

For many of these women, symptoms disappear with the passage of the morning. If you have certain stomach diseases is recommended to seek medical advice before trying any of the following remedies.


1. Overview
2. Hints and tips to improve these symptoms

Hints and tips to improve these symptoms

- Lemon. Even if you do not agree very much citrus, give this fruit a try. Water with lemon, squeezed lemon in drinks and salads you eat, which are based on lemon drops, body sprays based on lemon juice and ice can all help a stomach problem and can reduce nausea.

- Crunch – Biscuits, toast and simple bakery products, can help you start and maintain your good morning energy throughout the day. Whole grains are the healthiest for you and your baby, and the usual crackers can work great. While some products containing starch are considered not very good choice, potatoes remain the best option as starch source.

- No spicy foods. Even if before pregnancy you liked hot and spicy food is most advisable to drastically reduce their consumption while treat morning sickness. Instead of these foods, eat simple foods like potatoes, pasta, simple salads, light fruit and vegetables. Soups and broths are as indicated.

- Ginger and sour foods. Sour flavors, like ginger, help alleviate nausea, so you should eat foods and drink drinks that have ginger. There are even on the market, different kinds of ice cream with ginger, especially products for pregnant women. Opt for sour fruits when experiencing these morning sickness.

- Mint. Mint is also beneficial for moms who have such symptoms. Brushing teeth with mint toothpaste can help, as well as small drops or mints candies that you can put in your bag. Peppermint tea, peppermint scented wipes and any other scented personal hygiene products may reduce symptoms of nausea.

- Medicines for severe morning sickness. It is important to consult your doctor before using these medicines. This disorder as severe – known as the hyperemesis gravidarum – needs medical attention during pregnancy.



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