Most Common Canker Sore Causes

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Canker sores, mouth ulcers, mouth sores—these are just a few means of referring to one and the same condition. Canker sores are very common—most especially to the adolescents…why such? The reason is unknown. However common it is to teens and young adults, it can definitely affect people of all ages. And no matter how old a person is, whether a person is a “he” or a “she”, people have a low tolerance for canker sores.

These sores can be very painful and can impair a person when he or she speaks and talks with someone, eats even the gentlest and least irritating food, drink the least irritating drinks, and even when he or she yawns or even moisten his or her lips. Canker sores may appear as whitish or yellowish lesions (depending on how long the sore has been), and may also be characterized by a red border around the lesions.

Another very irritating fact about canker sores is that they may pop out without us even knowing how we got them, in the first place. There may also be times when we know how these came out i.e. biting the lip or tongue accidentally, and the likes, but there are more instances when these canker sores may just appear out of nowhere, leaving us asking what causes canker sores really?

Mechanical Causes. Many canker sore causes are due to mechanical causes like biting the mouth or lips accidentally, contact sports like getting a blow on the mouth, etc. When these things happen, the lesions in the mouth can harbor bacterial growth thus developing into canker sores.

Foods. Acidic, spicy and hot foods are common canker sore causes. You’ve had those moments when you really had to drink coffee and suddenly jerked because of heat.  Similar incidences not only irritates your mouth lining… it can also create lesions which can progress into canker sores.

Smoking and Using Chewable Nicotine. Smoking and getting a daily of nicotine either directly or indirectly are common canker sore causes. First, smoking cigarettes—the area on your lips where you commonly place your stick experiences pressure on a daily basis, considering how heavy you smoke. Also, when chewing nicotine gums, the area where the gum makes long contact with your mouth can also develop canker sores.

Orthodontic Appliances. These can include orthodontic braces, retainers, and appliances like anti-bruxism apparatus, and the like. These appliances are worn almost 24 hours/ 7 days a week—especially braces which will definitely stay for a span of months to years. These appliances can cause contact to your lips, mouth, tongue and inner cheeks. Developing canker sores is very common most especially during the first few months of getting used with these appliances inside your mouth.

Vitamin Deficiency. Deficiency to vitamins like B12 and B9, as well as minerals like Iron are common canker sore causes. As such, it is important to take daily supplement of these vitamins and minerals in order to lessen the occurrence of canker sores.

Stay healthy and practice good oral hygiene—this is by far the most effective way of getting rid of canker sores.



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