Most Effective Ways to Treat Sleep Apnea

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Nothing can be more embarrassing and bothersome than having sleep apnea—because of sleep apnea, no night ever becomes so peaceful and quiet because of your snore. Apart from the inconvenient machine-like grunting that sleep apnea may give you, suffering from lack of sleep and inability to stay asleep may also happen. If this becomes so frequent, you might not have the energy to perform a day’s work and feel exhausted.

Why Does Sleep Apnea Happen?

We breathe even when we are asleep—and during sleep, most of our body muscles become relaxed. These muscles include those in our oral and throat cavity like the tongue, pharyngeal muscles and the like. When these muscles relax, they block the normal air passage leading to obstruction of air flow. This leads to the abnormal production of sound during sleep which we call snoring.

Proper Sleeping Position

Many cases of sleep apnea are due to the tongue’s sliding backward to the throat. When this happens, the tongue blocks air from being expelled into the lungs… leading to snoring and sometimes, the person wakes up from sleep due to lack of air.

Positioning yourself properly when sleeping is one sleep apnea cure that can be effective. Placing two to three pillows under your head can prevent your body from laying flat and can avoid your tongue from sliding backwards to your throat. Also sleeping on one side will make sleep apnea lesser frequent since the tongue will slide sideways instead of sliding back…leading to proper airflow while sleeping.

Losing Weight

Being overweight or obese is a common cause of sleep apnea. The reason for this is that additional fatty tissues may accumulate in the throat area. This accumulation of fats may also obstruct with breathing during sleep. In fact, men with at least 17 inches and women with 16 inches neck measurement are most likely snorers.

Studies about sleep apnea also show that people who were able to lose weight experienced lesser to no incidence of snoring. Apart from that, losing weight can be effective in keeping one’s heart health at its best

No-no to Alcohol and Drugs, Yes To Tea Beverages

Drugs and alcohol can relax the body and that also includes our throat and respiratory organs. With such phenomenon, one is at most risk for developing sleep apnea. Also, staying away from these vices can bring about more health benefits.

On the other hand, drinking tea before you sleep, especially those containing relaxing properties like chamomile, jasmine and vervain can promote better sleeping experience.

Getting an effective sleep apnea cure is vital. There are a lot of sleep apnea cures one can get and some of them don’t need to be as complicated as getting a surgery. Definitely, one wouldn’t spend a lot of cash for an elective surgery to treat sleep apnea. Making use of these natural and home remedies for sleep apnea will give you no harm—in fact, they are proven to be the most effective, non-invasive and non-pharmacologic means of preventing snoring.





  1. I like these non-invasive treatments a lot better than stuff like surgery for snoring – which they’ve invented!

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